Preferred Tools and Equipment


Here are some of our favorite types of cordage and some of the ways we use them. 

Fixed Blade Knives

Here is a short clip on our 3 favorite fixed blade knives that we carry in the woods.  Here is the result and what we came up with. 

The Fivejoy RS Shovel

Join us as we explore the various uses of the Fivejoy RS Military Folding Shovel. As we reviewed this shovel, we did our best to put it through its paces. We were able to use every function of this tool with relative ease.

Core 12 person Instant Cabin Tent

Join SAVAGE Combatives in Central Utah as we review the CORE 12 person Instant Cabin Tent. Follow us as we document the use of this piece of gear. 

Custom Hearing protection

Join us as we visit Blue collar Firearms in Colton California. Today Trisha made custom molded hearing protection at her shop. Check out the process and learn about all the different options available. These are definitely the most comfortable set of hearing protection we have used.   For More information contact Blue Collar Firearms at

Cold Steel Rajah II

Join us as we torture test the Cold Steel Rajah II. In this Video we put this folding knife to the ultimate test! thrown over 250 times, chopped hardened seasoned oak, used as a hammer,  batoning, feather sticking, and as a ferro rod striker. This knife held up to everything we threw at it and is still useable.  

The Shemagh

The Shemagh is one of the most underrated and utilitarian pieces of gear that we own. Check out this video on all of the daily uses we have for it. 

Cold Steel Tomahawk

In 2017, SAVAGE Combatives hosted Ron Groby, headmaster of Seishin Ryu Shurikenjutsu in Temecula, CA. While at the seminar, many attendees attempted to a double tomahawk, over and under throw. Needless to say, after many attempts at trying, no one was successful. Our Bushcraft/Survival Instructor, Fenris jumped up and showed everyone how it is done. This is a standard COLD STEEL NORSE HAWK fresh out of the box without any modifications. Boy do these things throw nice!

Black Rifle Coffee

What better way to start your day then with a steaming cup of Black Rifle Coffee! A US veteran owned and operated company worth talking about!