What is Savage combatives?


THE SAVAGE CombativesTM Program

The SAVAGE CombativesTM Program is just as much about mindset as it is about skill set. It was designed to give each student the mindset and skill set to Survive Against Violent And Grievous Encounters. Ranganhar combined the training and experiences he accumulated in his martial arts training, work as a night club bouncer and body guard, United States Marine Corps, and Law Enforcement careers, to develop a program for those individuals who did not have the opportunity or inclination to gain the necessary training and experience. Additionally, Raganhar collaborated with specialists in security contracting, executive protection, bushcraft and survival, and martial arts to develop a more comprehensive program. Each course discusses tactics as well as legal considerations. The Program places emphasis on the why behind everything being instructed and puts everything into proper context. 

Students will learn the information in each module, and then each module is concluded with force on force scenarios with role players and instructors overseeing the pace of each scenario. Most of the scenarios involve role players in padded suits so that students can truly pressure test what they have learned in as close to a violent encounter as we can safely put the student through. Once each scenario is completed, the student is required to provide legal justification for their actions and debrief the instructor on what happened during the scenario.

Each module can be taken individually like college courses (provided pre-requisites have been met), or chronologically as a part of the SAVAGE CombativesTM Program. 

Savage Combatives Program

Unarmed Combatives

Unarmed Modules designed for instances when one is without a weapon. 

Bladed Instruments

Courses designed around the defensive use of knives, axes, tomahawks, and machete's.

Impact Weapons

Courses consisting of utilizing a baton, yawara bow, kubiton, and other weapons of opportunity.

Restraining Devices

Courses consisting of modern handcuffing and traditional handcuffing. 


Beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses in pistol, rifle, and shotgun.

Advanced Techniques

Consisting of multiple assailants, team tactics, low light considerations, and legal ramifications. 

Bushcraft and survival

Survival Basic

Course designed around 1-3 days of survival. 

Survival Intermediate

Course designed around 3-14 days survival. 

Survival Advanced

Course designed around 15 or more days of survival. 

Basics of Bushcraft

The fundamentals of bushcraft and what it is. 

Intermediate Bushcraft

Course builds upon the basic bushcraft program with more advanced techniques and mindset. 

Advanced Bushcraft

Utilizes advanced skill building for students who have passed the intermediate course. 

Instructional Videos

Combatives Program

Here you will find our SAVAGE Combatives Instructional Videos


Here you will find our Bushcraft/Survival Videos