Char Cloth 101

Follow SAVAGE Combatives as they teach the process of making Char Cloth. Char Cloth is a method of lighting a tinder bundle for fire building when it comes to using primitive ways of making fire. 

Magnesium block fire

WELCOME to SAVAGE Combatives mini-series – Fire Building Basics. In this second episode in the series, Fenris demonstrates starting a fire with a magnesium block. There are a number of reasons why Fenris doesn’t even own a mag block, and does not typically include it in his basic fire instruction course. We felt it necessary however to include it into this series because these pieces of gear are so common, cheap, and readily available that we wanted to show you SAVAGEs how to use one.

Basic Fire Building

WELCOME to SAVAGE Combatives’ new mini-series – Fire Building 101. We start this series off with building a basic fire and explaining the fundamentals of what it takes to start and maintain a fire provided you have all the materials. During this video series, Josh (Fenris) Vaught of SAVAGE Combatives Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft Program will walk you through fire building from basics to advanced.