Advanced techniques $500 per Module

Multiple Assailants

Each program touches on this a bit. This is an advanced program that discusses the survival mindset, specifics tactics, and legal considerations when dealing with multiple opponents. This course is not your typical bullshido martial arts fighting multiple people.

Team Tactics

Each advanced program touches on this a bit. This is an advanced program that instructs students how to work with one another in a variety of circumstances utilizing a variety of tools.

Low Light Considerations

The bulk of this course utilizes a flashlight. All of our advanced firearm courses deals with low light considerations, however this course specifically is designed to operate in low light scenarios utilizing a variety of tools.

Legal Ramifications

Each of our courses discusses the legal ramifications of an individual’s actions. Ensuring we Survive All Violent And Grievous Encounters is our top priority. What most schools and programs don’t cover however, is the legal ramifications, the aftermath, of the encounter. This course specifically deals with general use of force and articulating the force necessary to survive the encounter. We acknowledge that law vary greatly from country to country, state to state, county to county, and city to city. We encourage everyone who takes this course be well educated on their local laws that govern them, and we will assist in any way we can in helping them understand those laws and how to operate best within the confines of the law. #1. Stay Alive #2. Stay Free