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    The SAVAGE Combatives program is comprised of training and experiences in the martial arts, private security contracting, military experience in the United States Marine Corps, executive protection, law enforcement, bushcraft/wilderness survival, and defensive tactics in order to best Survive Against Violent And Grievous Encounters (SAVAGE).  


    Our instructors are comprised of professionals in law enforcement, military, body guarding, security contracting, and bushcraft/survival.

    Preferred Tools and Equipment

    The tools and equipment we have come across that we have added to our kit


    Savage Combatives Program

    A program comprised of:

    Unarmed combatives, bladed instruments, impact weapons, restraining devices, firearms, multiple assailants, team tactics, low light considerations, and legal ramifications.

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    Follow us on our video series where we interview a variety of individuals from various backgrounds within our industries. 


    Our take on current events and articles published in our respective fields. 

    Welome to our small town!!

    Follow us on our quest as we interact with other business owners throughout our tactical community... Here you will find video interviews we have put together while making connections throughout the small town that is our industry.

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